eye candy {italian rustic}

One of my co-workers is vacationing to Italy next week and to say that I am jealous is an understatement. All of her talk about the amazing food and plans they have are most certainly making me want to jump right inside the book Italian Rustic.

(images found via 1st dibs)


ugh, i'm jealous of your co worker too! how amazing is that table in the last photo? just beautiful.
Laura Trevey said…
I would definitely enjoy cooking more if I had that amazing kitchen!!

xoxo Laura
Wahzat Gayle said…
woohoo makes me want to go too
Sara said…
Oooh you know how I feel about bathtubs - I love them all. This one is so unique!
Chic Coles said…
I would love to get on a flight to Italy! This style is definitely one of my favorites.
Anonymous said…
Well, I live in Italy...houses like the one in the pictures are pretty common in rural tuscany. I've lived near Siena for a few months in house that lokked like this ( it wasn't mine, of course...)
Italy is my most fav place in the world. Looking at these pics I long to go back..beautiful.
Callie Grayson said…
ah! that kitchen is wonderful AND that bath tub divine!!!
so jealous of your co-worker! One of my co-workers is going to, for a month! so envious!!!!

Kristin said…
i had to pick my jaw up off the table when I saw that last photo of the kitchen. It's amazing!!

Italy is amazing, too. Would love love love to go back. Soon!
Anonymous said…
Same here! What a kitchen!!! just imagine cooking some amazing pasta and preparing tiramisu, drinking some Lemoncello :D
Absolutely gorgeous and I'm absolutely jealous of your co-worker :) One of my life dreams is to own a second home in Italy....wouldn't that be nice!

Melissa Blake said…
I love those stairs!! Though it would be impractical with my wheelchair, but I wouldn't care! :)
Farah said…
absolutely love this dwelling, especially the bath and kitchen. Would make for a perfect summer home!

D e g a i n e

Romantic Pansy said…
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Amazing details from the stone work to the fabulous tiles on the ceiling in the kitchen. This is REAL Tuscan design. I'd like to see the faux tuscan disappear! Thanks for posting such beautiful pictures! Keep dreaming...your day will come!
mn said…
I think this could be my dream kitchen~ I love the dining table that could double as a workspace, in case you run out of room on all the other surface areas! It's delightful.
OOhhhh...amazing kitchen,I love them all.
Pearl said…
I wanna go!

Beauty said…
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