eye candy {lovely layering}

I am always on the look out for unique kitchen features and I just found a new favorite-- layering of three different patterns of stone work. Especially love when they are in the same color family.

So simple yet so incredibly elegant--a perfect combination!
(via california home and design)


PS~Erin said…
Beautiful. I dream of a flat stove. Most people dream of gas, but I just want something that is easy to clean, anything will be better than the one we currently have.
Now that is definitely unique... I just wonder how the clean up is on textures... oops, I see PS~Erin said the same...lol...
Unknown said…
Most glamorous stove area ever!
Totally love this one! I'd spend more time beyond cooking in this kitch! :)
Splenderosa said…
It is beautiful, and can you imagine how pretty the rest of the kitchen are would be? Thanks for this. xx's Marsha
oooo amazing! love the colors!
have a wonderful weekend, Blair! xo
Anonymous said…
What a fantastic effect! It looks amazing, and very unique... The colour shades blend so beautifully too.
Ashlee Brooke said…
beautiful! I just came across your blog and I LOVE it! I can not wait to follow your posts! ;) Ashlee
D e g a i n e said…
absolutely LOVE it!

D e g a i n e

Design Actually said…
Wow, I'm definitely saving this for my dream home file!
LOVE this! It's so unique! I love the freshness and the simplicity.
ummm...just STUNNING. thanks for the beautiful inspiration!
Nila said…
I admire your photo shoot . Awesome captured . Remove White background

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