small bedroom solutions {the basics}

My first apartment in Chicago was a studio and I absolutely adored it...even the fact that my closet became the perfect cozy bedroom. Ever since I have had a soft spot for small bedrooms. If you are lucky enough have one there are a few simple and basic tricks to make them functional and lovable. First and foremost do not ignore it just because it is small---don't be scared to invest in a lovely headboard fabric or dreamy curtains...

As in all rooms of the house--take advantage of the magic of mirrors!

Utilize all the surfaces you have--if you have a window sill maybe skip the bedside table. And consider lighting options beyond the traditional table lamp.

Go vertical with shelving and storage. And think of pieces such as bedside tables for other uses, such as a workspace or vanity.

Lastly, replace or rehinge the bedroom door. The space of a door opening into a room takes away valuable square footage!

(via real living, canadian house and home, living etc, elle decor via design babylon, domin0)
Do you have any other additional basic small bedroom tips?


Michelle said…
Great post! Just did some straightening up in my small bedroom. Can't wait to tackle the rest of the apt.
PS~Erin said…
What great spaces you've highlighted. I especially love that ginormous mirror. Genius, and so very pretty.
Unknown said…
I LOVE small bedroms, ours right now is on the small side, but not small enough for me to be cozy.
Amazing post, i love the 3rd picture so much. Thank you for sharing this :)
urban flea said…
i love using mirrors to open up a space, it really does make a difference. great advice and great images! hope you're having a wonderful week my dear!

xo urban flea :)
Unknown said…
i am always amazed by what people can do with a small space. i love each of these pictures...such incredible details really make a space work.
xox alison
oh wow. those spaces are gorgeous.
i love that mirror and the yellow bedspread.
i would die for that this spring...
secrets to enhancing space: mirrors + bright colors.

awesome post!

Wow!! I'm a lover of small bedrooms too!! I love small cozy nooks you know! Love these tips and tricks for small bedrooms that you provided and of course the pics! :) Super!
I like the tip of removing the door and replacing it with a curtain, this is a great idea. Unless you're in a share house I guess, then maybe it's not so ideal
Fantastic solutions!
Happy weekend!
Rachel Follett said…
Such great suggestions and lovely images to follow. Thank you! Have a lovely weekend!!
I also feel more ready for the night in a small bedroom. While living in Washington, I had a very large bedroom which was 1/2 the floor of our townhouse. Moved to Connecticut and restored an old stable, and the bedrooms are where the horses' stalls once stood. I love being ensconced in a warm cozy space with just enough space for a canopy bed, a chest of drawer and a small console. Designing bedrooms for my clients, i always make sure to translate this safe warm feeling in their bedroom, which many times are the size of a New York apartment!
Anonymous said…
I am astonished by the timing of this post. Two weeks from now I will be moving into an apartment I will share with two people (twenty-something boys who coincidentally have no interest in interior design) and a small bedroom that I have to turn into a haven. This was the most inspiring, pragmatic thing I've read all week; now I can't wait to get to the decorating! Thank you.

If you would happen to have any more of these simple basics-posts up your sleeve, feel free to post them anytime now ;)
Design Esquire said…
Amazing post. I love the images and the tips!
oh that first bedroom with yellow details looks sooo happy! lovely! so true what you say about surrounding yourself by things you love to make a happy place!
hope you have a beautiful weekend, blair! xo
My little flat is tiny so EVERYTHING has to double as storage space! I've found that an easy option was to buy a massive gardening trunk and stick it outside and fill it with things that take up space - duvets etc. It also doubles as a buffet table for bbqs!
paula said…
such great tips. Our bedroom is huge as in it's almost the same size as the rest of our house and I admit I miss our small and cozy one. such wasted space.
Christina said…
these are all great tips and i have had many a small bedrooms so creativity is definitely key. lots of shelving is a plus. getting things off the floor helps (like your suggestion with unconventional lighting) is smart. creative storage also helps, like storing things under a bed.
Emily said…
beautiful images and great tips. Thanks
Couture Carrie said…
Such gorgeous spaces!
Fabulous tips, darling B!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

C. said…
I love small bedrooms and these are simply beautiful!
Unknown said…
i love that last suggestion about unhinging the door! loving this series already :)
Great tips and beautiful inspiration photos! :)
Lucy said…
I like huge bedrooms! I think i could sleep best if the walls were so far away I could barely see them!

However there are some small bedrooms I have liked so there obviously is a way to make them little retreats. I am so grateful for this post because my bedroom right now is small and it is good to feel there is hope to make it nicer! It's good to find that people like small rooms, and have a blog deal with the reality of what a lot of people have!
manvi@mochatini said…
great tips with inspiring images. i especially love the quote in the first pic. mirror really do work wonders to a space
Anonymous said…
These are some amazing ideas for rooms! Great post.

I really love your blog & it's my first time visiting, such cool content.

I've added your link to my sidebar ♥

teadrinker said…
Don't be intimidated by a small space, but furnish it in a style you love. A small space can seem like a cozy cocoon. Art deco lamps can inject an elegant design element into a room.
nikinikinine said…
small bedroom secret - under the bed storage hidden by a beautiful pleated or ruffled bedskirt. You can fit quite a bit under a bed. When I was younger in living in a tiny NYC apartment all of my seasonal clothes were stored under the bed in rollaway rubbermaid containers.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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You are weldone for sharing such post .
Clipping path said…
I am absolutely loving this gorgeous bedroom. Thanks

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