happy {cozy} weekend

Oh valentine's weekend is here and I think I have already had my share of pink, red and white m&m's. I hope that you are spending the day with the ones you love--whether significant others, great friends or the four legged animals in your life.

(image via lisa cohen)
Which is exactly what I plan to do along with working on an exciting new blog series and enjoying the over 20 inches of snow currently in the forecast!


Funny, I think we will be sharing space and meal with Mother and Mother in Law. Odd but, some how that was offered up. I have realized that some times the pressure of high expectations fall on timing, and that those heart filled moments arrive unplanned, unscheduled and on their on sweet time, not mine.
oh so sweet pic, Blair! have a beautiful and cozy valentine's weekend! xo
Christina said…
i'm really excited about our 1/2 inch of snow! kind of lame, huh? have a happy weekend blair.
Splenderosa said…
Love this photo. This is life, isn't it? My 2 little dogs are my best friends and when I travel they go too. xx's Marsha
Appletree said…
I was eating pink red and white M&Ms as I read this post.
Design Esquire said…
Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the snow!
Love this photo! Have a wonderful Valentines Day xo
Lori P said…
what a beautiful photo! happy weekend.
20 inches!! Oh my goodness! We got 12 inches in Texas this week & that was so exciting! I hope you have a wonderful sweet holiday.
I am ready to dress my big mutts with their red coat and take them for a long walk and run in our snowy woods...blue sky, snow..a perfect Valentine
Anonymous said…
Ah, I am doing exactly that. Spending some quality time with my main man and the best four legged animal around! : )

Happy Love Day, Blair!
Shelley said…
What a excellent . good job .

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