{eye candy} bold color cravings

On the heels of talking about there never being to much color in an event palette I think that the same is true of interior design, when done well that is. Which is why I adore this colorful living room by m.design. I love the way the colors, patterns and unique pieces make the eye constantly move around the room.

I think the only thing I would change is the artwork over the fireplace--other than that I am ready to make myself at home!The rest of this house is pretty fantastic too. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


AppleTree said…
Those pink and green chairs...my house wants them bad.
Such Big Fun!
...the cove banquette in the window off from the fireplace..I'll be there.
Craftiness NOW said…
the colors are so exciting, but it's airy and relaxing at the same time, very nice!
agreed on the artwork.
AMAZING place...wish i was there right now, sunshine included...take away this LA rain.

happy weekend.
Nicole Marie said…
awesome! i love lots of color!
Rachel Follett said…
What a fun space! It would be great for a party! Have a wonderful weekend Blair!
Lovely space! The colours and the brightness and the natural light. I wish my apartment was even close to this space.
Kirsten Krason said…
I love color. This room is so happy.
Chic Coles said…
Even though there are so many colors in this room, it all works together! The lamp in between the two purple chairs is so cool!
Pia said…
I love the colors in this room!!
This would certainly brighten a gray winter day....very well done.
elena said…
Wowy-Zowy! Love it! Lol... ;)
jenna said…
I love the bright colors.

Karena said…
Oh I agree, I would change out the art, check out my paintings and let me know what you think!
I love colorful rooms, but agree they must be well done. This is perfect.
I just looked at the rest of the house - I could happily live there. Thanks for providing the link!
Totally cool and I agree, I'm ready to move in right away too. So cozy and chill;-)
sanjeet said…
.the cove banquette in the window off from the fireplace..I'll be there.

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Monnaka said…
Mind blowing decoration . I appreciate your job . Clipping Path

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