event inspiration {modern whimsy}

When I think of pink and green I think of lilly pulitzer prep but when I saw this bouquet (my new favorite!) with a hint of pink on the succulents it became apparent the combination can also be modern and whimsical.

(via parrott design studio, jose villa, sweet and saucy shop, saipua and cake girls)
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Erika Ward said…
I agree with modern and whimsical, but romantic also comes to mind when looking at these gorgeous images. Well done!
urban flea said…
what a beautiful theme for a wedding... le sigh. hope you have a wonderful week my dear!

xo urban flea :)
stunning! This is my new favourite event inspiration board of yours Blair, although I do think I say that every time you post one! Very girly and gorgeous for an afternoon weding. I'm in love
Love the colours. The pics are just great!
Anonymous said…
I love that cake...and the bouquet!!
paula said…
that bouquet is stunning!
AppleTree said…
I want to get married all over again
oh oh beautiful colors, soft soft green and soft soft pink. that cake is to die for! xo
very dreamy and out of this world - the wedding cake is a work of art - i would never want to cut into it! and yes, the bouquet is beautiful and unique!
Couture Carrie said…
Oooooh, that cake!!

Gorgeous collage, B!

Courtney said…
So, So pretty. What a gorgeous bouquet.
Rachel Follett said…
Beautiful! Love that bouquet! Wow!!
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