evening eye candy {valentine's palette}

I cannot believe that Valentine's day is this weekend and I haven't even had a confection heart yet. I just love the soft pinks and reds of the holiday especially when mixed with cool silver blue hues.

(via saipua, domino's book of decorating and australian country style)


Such romantic pics. I can't wait!
Anonymous said…
Sophie said…
just gorgeous florals and colours.
Rachel Follett said…
Gorgeous mix! Love these images together!
Emily said…
Love that wallpaper! prefect for a closet....also love the windows at the sink.
ah- to have windows that open up like that!
KristenB said…
Those kitchen windows are so fabulous.
Fernando said…
beatiful images.
Just ashame that its Valentine's day.
Oh the pressure to have a date for it.

oh yes, I'm in love... with soft reds and pinks! I'm absolutely in Valentines mood! xo
Unknown said…
Mmmm, that kitchen window vignette is just gorgeous! Love!

Christen Ales said…
Oh man, the flowers in the first pic are gorgeous!
sanjeet said…
just gorgeous florals and colours.
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Erma R. Souder said…
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