craving {kage's beach line}

What am I craving after two days straight of waking up to negative temperatures? A trip to the beach, of course! Especially it comes with the new line of bags from Kage Handbags. Love the bright colors, sand dollar detail and unique shapes!

(images via kage handbags)
She also just recently started selling some very elegant wallets!


oh wow. i love these...

so excited for summer at the beach, i might need one of these to accompany me.

Love those bags, I am going to have to take a closer look!
Lori P said…
What great bags! I'm loving the bright colors.
Laken said…
Absolutely love the last one!
Nicole Marie said…
wow yes please!! so gorgeous and summery!
that first bag is complete summertime perfection
my spatula said…
ohhh, is it summer YET?!

such a tease!! i can't wait.
I love the colors! So yummy!
Anna @ IHOD said…
the perfect colors for spring! love it!
Those are so fresh! I have been craving the beach too ~ FOR WEEKS!!
Paula Grade ~

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