bluebird skies

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I had a near perfect one--skiing, mimosas, walks by the river, catching up with friends and yoga. All of these activities were much more enjoyable due to fact that it was a bluebird sky weekend. It is not surprising that same shade of blue in the home can instantly calm and lift spirits.

(via 1st dibs, living etc, meg braff, kristin buckingham and michael graydon)
Wishing you a wonderful start to the week!


alissa said…
adore that bathroom! white tile + clawfoot gets me everytime:)
These rooms are gorgeous.

P.S. I'm very jealous of your blue skies!
blue is my fav colour to decorate my home with!
I love those blue and white ginger jars, they're just the best home accessories I think
I'm getting into blue more and more recently. Just bought a gorgeous blue cardigan yesterday cause I felt like blue :-)
Andrea Reh said…
I love the almost-bleached hardwood floors in the Kristin Buckingham room. I've always found that there's something supremely relaxing about bleached floors - even more combined with sky-blue (inside and out!).
Dweller-Carly said…
Wow! I love all the blue prints in the first picture. Thanks for all the gorgeous photos!
Daniella said…
Oh wow! That blue kitchen is soooo beautiful! And so unexpected. Happy Monday!
mb said…
Such great spaces. I am inspired.
Design Actually said…
So pretty, love the last photo especially.
hi blair! i must admit i'm not too fond of blue, but i'm in love with that kitchen! gorgeous!
have a lovely day! xo
Chic Coles said…
What great us of blue. Glad the weekend was so nice.
Maria Johns said…
know exactly what you mean about blue skies and even in rooms, totally invigorating!
Nicole Marie said…
i love the blue kitchen cupboards!!
Callie Grayson said…
loving the blue kitchen! very sweet!!
Design Esquire said…
Just gorgeous. I love all the rooms.
i love the kitchen. i never imagined having a blue kitchen but this does work delightfully.
Christen Ales said…
I have that same buffet in the 4th picture! Craigslist find :)
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