pantone color of 2010 {turquoise}

I hope that everyone had a lovely New Year's celebration! I cannot believe that 2009 and the holiday season are over but there is so much to look forward to in the coming year, such as the pantone named color of the year--turquoise. It is such a energetic, powerful, yet quite tranquil color and seems like the perfect one to welcome the new decade. It is definitely a color where the smallest touch goes a long way...

(images via carrier and company, january canadian house and home and scanned from Style and Substance)
Do you agree with this predication? I truly love it but I don't think that I could ever use it as a wall color in a main living space--although I am always drawn to Farrow & Ball's Arsenic when looking through color samples.


jenny said…
I have a couple of turqouise walls in my house. The opposite walls are a soft, feather gray so the blue reflects across the room and gives everything a nice, diffused glow. It's definitely one of my favorites. :)
Kate said…
That lacquered turquoise screen is divine!! Love, love, love.
Courtney said…
Ooh. I love turquoise as an accent colour and agree that I'm not sure I could handle it as a wall colour (in it's darker shade at least) for it would bring me back to my high school bedroom!

I love that quirky home features in the Jan 2010 Canadian House & Home!
Jill GG said…
I always LOVE to see what they will choose... they never disappoint!

Happy New Year to you!
In my first apartment, the Refrigerator and Stove were 50's turquoise. I should have taken photos...
Unknown said…
I love turquoise and I can totally see myself use it on the walls -- check out some of the images I posted:

If I were to use turquoise on the walls, I'd keep the main pieces of furniture in the room a fairly muted color with bright pops of complimentary colors in the accessories.
Kim Berry said…
Oh I LOVE turquoise! It really brightens up any space! =)

My bathroom is painted a Tiffany turquoise blue, gloss.

It is refreshing.
It is the color of clarity.
It is the color of the thymus chakra that lies between the heart=green and the head=blue, that softens up the angry little lump in our throat.
Something that can be beneficial as we walk through the front door.

...and it goes great with grey!
Anonymous said…
I do love the colour turquoise, but only as an accent colour. My style is more neutral colours with hits of colourful lamps, cushions, vases, etc.

I don't believe I would choose a colour like this for an entire wall, but never say never.

Great post - The January 2010 House & Home has given me tons of inspiration.
Love turquoise as an accent- but in small doses. Could never use it on a wall!
christina said…
I just love that bar. Isn't it divine? It makes me want to drink all night {and day}.

Thanks for sharing,
Sogni e Sorrisi said…
I think its a gorgeous accent colour...not sure if I'd use it on my walls.
Anonymous said…
Have just found my way to your gorgeous blog - what a Mecca!

Turquoise - yes I agree on that, and a few other colours for accent, such as yellow, purple and perhaps also green.
I also see the return of 'plain' - a neutral, untreated, eco friendly wave for 2010.

What a great & exciting year we have ahead!

Christina said…
i can't tell you how thrilled i am that turqouise is this years choice. who doesn't love this color???
I love turqoise, such a fun colour. That second picture is a dream space, so trendy. Happy New Year to you Blair!
Jen said…
Amazing how much life, spice and pazzaze turqoise brings to a room!
It's almost a "must" color.

Wendi said…
Hi! I'm new to your site! I had to post how much I love that sheep! It looks so soft next to the chair.
Lixue Tseng said…
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Robert Smith said…
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