{eye candy} sepia focal point

I have posted about my love of warm sepia accents before and am currently just smitten with the use of the tone in over sized art pieces.

(scanned via Belle magazine and New American Glamour)
Sorry for brevity but I am on my way out the door for the evening! Have lovely night.


ok seriously obsessing over those 2 yellow small tables....
I love those two rooms. the artwork is beautiful.
Anonymous said…
The sepia is lovely.. I love a huge, gorgeous peice of art over a mantle... it makes a room!
I love the look of oversized artwork.
Eden Lang said…
stunning rooms! wow. I love them!!! wish I had them!!!
Unknown said…
Oh, how I agree with you about large art (my post: http://thefrencheye.blogspot.com/2009/10/put-very-large-art-on-walls-nothing.html ) and sepia tones; your post is so beautiful.The horse picture is stunning! Merci.
Annemarie said…
Love the warm tones in both of these rooms! Have a great weekend XOXO
love those yellow touches! hope you have a fabulous night out, darling! all I wanna do is lay down and feel the sun on my face... :) xo
Couture Carrie said…
I love sepia too!
Beautiful post, B!

Rachel Follett said…
These are gorgeous! I love the neutral aspect of them. Have a wonderful weekend!
I love sepia tone. It can warm up almost any B&W.
Paula Grace
So warm, and beautiful! It gives for a great, cozy feeling!

Happy Weekend*

escapade said…
Completely in love with the horse photo! I grew up riding and am a bit of an equinophile. Has a bit of a Ralph Lauren feel to it.
kanishk said…
love those two rooms. the artwork is beautiful.

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Yesmin said…
All are awesome to see . Feeling awesome to see these . Remove White background

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