event inspiration {ink+pink brunch}

Ah, my favorite of all social events--brunch! There is just so much fun that can be had with this casual and low key occasion. I am currently loving the sophisticated yet playful feel of an inky blue, cream and pale pink palette for such an occasion.
(via lonny photo, thread social, lisa cohen, jenifer altman, karen mordechai for sunday suppers, mae mae paperie and lonny photo)
Happy Tuesday!


That skirt is gorgeous!!!
Happy New Year!!!
AppleTree said…
I do all my entertaining at brunch time, it is so easy. Wasn't it Martha Stewart who said "brunch is the perfect excuse to drink during the day"
gorgeous photos as per ususal.
Anonymous said…
I completely agree. Great job with this board. i LOVE that Thread outfit.
Callie Grayson said…
I love brunch, I would have to say it is always a favorite time for me to hang out with my best girlfriends and chat over brunch!!
pretty palette. I am really loving that inky colour lately.

Jeanne-Aelia said…
Absolute perfection! the colors the choices the idea board approach.I love all of it. Bravo.
Tammy Gordon said…
Agreed, the skirt is cute, but I'm OBSESSED with that pink Cruiser bike. I want.
wonderful picture collage! Love the colours of skin tones, marine blue and sunny yellow!
Christina said…
oh that outfit is just enviable and look at those shoes! so pretty!
Agatha said…
I agree, brunch is a great social event - and I just love your montage of pictures; the colour schemes and images are lovely.

Happy Tuesday to you too!


Agatha x

megara said…
this post feels so gossip girl to me. i'm jealous. i love this blog. the design in so inspiring.
Nicole Marie said…
love that girls outfit! and of course the bike!
Courtney said…
Gorgeous. I especially love the touch of muted pink; it's understated and pretty.

Her shoes are adorable.
Kim Berry said…
GORGEOUS colors! I love this idea!

:) Kim
I love brunch too! I just hosted one Sunday. Love your choices. I'll consult you before I have my next one.
Paula Grace :)
ooh I love it! what an unexpected yet amazing color combination! (plus you've GOT to get extra points for rhyming!)

Blair are you coming to Alt Summit? Would be great to see you there and it seems right up your alley!
Rachel Follett said…
What a beautiful cluster of images! I am especially adoring that invitations set. Just lovely!
brunch is a major weekly social event here, I'm quite certain if I arrived in that skirt I'd be the talk of the table, just lovely
kate said…
Love this collage!!! Every photo is beautiful!
loving this color combination! Beautiful photomontage!
Apt. #34 said…
I want to be invited to this brunch! I'm banking this collage for wedding shower inspiration! :)
What a GIRLY yet CHIC color combo...so sweet and inviting. I want to come too!
Blair said…
This is such a great board. It's so sophisticated and fresh - but fun and playful at the same time. PERFECT!

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