Welcome December!

I have been waiting for this day for months—the first day of December and the day I finally let myself pull out all the boxes of Christmas décor! I have cheated a little bit and over the weekend filled up all my empty vases and bowls with an assortment of ornaments, hung stockings from my rafters and switched out my candles. I think that next on my list is going to be a wreath—I am trying to decide if I should enjoy the aroma of a real one or the longer life of a less traditional option. I have long loved ones made of metallic balls and love the fun twist of placing it around faux antlered critters on the wall.

And the whimsical nature of this one decked in marshmallows would certainly be perfect way to tempt a white Christmas.

Or I could attempt to make a soft and romantic wreath with greenery and beautiful blooms.
But it would also be fun to make one out of colored card stock cutouts.
Lastly I have always wanted to have a pine cone wreath but don’t think I would ever be able to create the lovely the texture of this one.

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Have you hauled your holiday décor boxes up from the basement?


Courtney said…
Boxes have been hauled out of hiding and new items have been purchased (this is our first Christmas in our own place). We began decorating last week and put the finishing touches up on Sunday.

I am in a similar predicament - I am trying to decide whether I want a real wreath or if I want a metallic ornament one. (I just love the first, image).

The other options you've included here are lovely, too. How sweet is the Marshmallow one?? Let me know what you finally decide on!
Yes, this year we have a live tree and I have made all the decorations myself. Will be posting about it soon. Have a great December.
Kalee said…
Beautiful examples of festive wreaths, I am especially fond of that first wreath made out of shiny balls. I am going to try my hat at making my own magnolia wreath this year, hopefully it will be beautiful!
PS~Erin said…
Oh, that marshmallow wreath is so flipping cute! This might just make it into the advent calendar for us to do. I'll have to buy a BUNCH of marshmallows though bc I know a BUNCH will get ingested.

I scored a square pine cone wreath at Kirkland's after Christmas last year and I'm excited about hanging it this year.
Callie Grayson said…
I have begun to get ready!! finished the porch last night!! I made my wreath!!
I couldn't find one I liked so I glued pinecones to a twig wreath, then spray painted white and added a silver reindeer in the middle with purple/pink fairy lights!! looks great with my purple front door!!

I am so excited for the Christmas!!
Happy decorating!!
I haven't yet, but hope to this weekend! So many great options! I can't limit myself to one wreath- thinking of splurging on a 60-inch faux wreath for outdoor hanging in our entryway but would love to DIY some great wreaths for indoors!
Jane Flanagan said…
I loved the card one from Living Etc too. I think I'm going to find a simple evergreen one for my door and tie a big beautiful ribbon around it.
I cannot even tell you how much I want that marshmellow wreath! I might eat more than would ever make it onto my wreath though. Hmmm...


Rebecca June
I need to dig my stuff up asap! I am so ready to bring in the holidays! Lovely wreath ideas, I am planning on doing a DIY project and making one this year.

I wanna a real tree so my home can be filled with the smell of pine!

Yes, I have hauled them up! They are all over my house. I have just a bit more to do but it seems there is something in all the boxes still! I love the traditional wreath with the white flowers. I am sucker for that kind of wreath.

Have you stopped by to enter the art glass ornament giveaway?? That could put a whole new spin on your holiday decor :)

Paula Grace
Christmas is just around the corner!
A sweet day to you :)
Kifus said…
Ohh the marshmallow wreath!! Such a cool idea! It wouldn't last long though!
Chic Coles said…
The combination of the traditional evergreen and the less traditional together I think looks wonderful. Your selection of non traditional are so fun and pretty. A marshmallow wreath who would have thought it. Love the metallic and pine cone ones.
what gorgeous wreaths...getting me in to the season.
Anonymous said…
I hauled out the boxes of Christmas decorations yesterday. I have also bought a lot of new decorations, as this is our first Christmas in our own home.

These are some great options. Personally, I am leaning towards the metallic ornament wreath. CB2's blog has a great DIY tutorial: http://blog.cb2.com/2009/10/14/wreath-how-to/

Definitely let us know what wreath you decide to hang in your home.

Happy Holidays, Blair!
Couture Carrie said…
Gorgeous wreaths, darling B!
Especially loving the second to last one!

You Are My Fave said…
I guess it's time for my fall wreath to retire. I love the first shiny one.
Have a wonderful December & holiday season! We're counting down the days till Christmas!!
Silver Ball Wreathe + Antlers = My perfect christmas decoration combo...
Nicole Marie said…
marshmellow wreath yes please!!
simplesong said…
yay, love this time of year! we decorated early this year and did it over the weekend. love it! and love this round-up of wreaths ... one of my favorite things to decorate w/ .
Sophie said…
Oh a reminder for me to get them out! thank you!!!!!
I thought I was ready for the season of delights but, I think I may be working all through the nights.
They really are all so lovely. The marshmallow one is so unexpected. Love that.
Unknown said…
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