packing list {beach vacation}

Although it is quite cold here what I am craving more than vacationing to the beach is the resort wear that the vacation would come with (I very much dislike open toed shoes and winter clothes). If were to take such a trip and thaw out from the crisp Wyoming air, these would be the staples that would surely find there way on to my dream packing list...
A colorful and shear j.mcLaughlin scarf, a dvf tote to carry my stacks of shelter pubs, durable and fashionable rubber gucci sandals, the perfect evening out sparkle of a henri bendel bangle, a lightweight sharon gill tunic that can go from the beach to evening and of course the perfect palette for it all--a cream vix bikini.


Courtney said… I miss the sun.

Do you have a vacation planned?
Anonymous said…
I want all of it -especially the shoes!
Now you have me longing for summer. I loove that bag and cover up!!
Katherine Lee said…
i live on lakeshore drive in chicago right across from the beach, and it's the pinnacle of irony that i can't enjoy it at the moment. ugh. thanks for the comment!

xo katherine aka. urban flea :)
Emily said…
What a great packing list. I'm pretty sure mine would be the same as yours. So sad to see those are Gucci sandals. I love them!
AH! I love that list! Especially the tunic. The bright fun color is calling to me. I miss you sun!
yes please, one of each.
Kim Berry said…
This is the PERFECT beach vacation list! I'll take one of everything! (I wish!) =)
lauren said…
This is awesome, Blair! I love looking at your blog b/c you have the best style sense!
Love the tunic and the sandals!

I did a similar post:

Hard not to dream about a beach when its freezing here!
Couture Carrie said…
Goooorgeous look you've put together here... may I please have the scarf and bikini??

Happy New Year, darling Blair!

Such a pretty collection! xoxo
MrJeffery said…
love the bag! i'm over winter.
Apt. #34 said…
omg, this would be perfect for mexico. Banking all resources now!
Chic Coles said…
This is an awesome beach outfit! I love the bathing suit and the henri bendel bangle! So cute
I love that tunic and that bangle! gorgeous outfit for our next trip to Brazil!
EVERYTHING is perfect but I can especially see that cute white bikini looking really good with a tan!

Stay warm,
Unknown said…
We could use the sun right about now here in sunny ca! Loving the white bathing suit and the pretty pink tunic & acqua bag--wishing the sun would come out soon! Happy New Year Blair!

Charlotta Ward said…
That bikini underneath that tunic!! *sigh* Wishlisted for sure.
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Yi Jie Ch'ien said…
All are looking so nice .. Thansk . Remove White background
Robert Smith said…
Cool post again. Thanks for sharing with us

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