italian country inspired {new year's outfit}

Wow, I cannot believe that Christmas is over and that the new year is only days away. So much to think about in preparation--first and foremost is what to wear! New Year's Eve is definitely an occasion that deserves glamour and makes the annual trip to the closet for the perfect outfit a very fun one! I usually go for bold color and over the top shimmer but this year I am leaning towards a more neutral look---and my favorite look is inspired by these country style spaces.

(scanned from italian country living)
Just the right touch of sophistication, earthy tones and personality.

(dress via matthew williamson, lee angel earrings, club monaco clutch and miu miu)
In the whirl of the holiday rush I am still behind on blogging but promise to be back in full force once I get back home to Jackson Hole (en route today!).


Would love to spend new year in this country house....actually...would rather spend it in Jackson beautiful in the winter season. In fact, will be a quiet New year after a very festive Christmas.
Great outfit!!
Anonymous said…
As always a stunning post!!
Daniella said…
So, so pretty! I love the shiny sides on the dress... have a wonderful New Years!
Kim Berry said…
Gorgeous chandelier and gorgeous dress! That is a lovely ensemble!
oh that dress is simply gorgeous... and the shoes! hope you have a great time, darling! happy New Year! xo
This entire scenario looks just perfect to me right now. Smart and easy. Be well.
Teresa said…
So lush and classy!
Can't imagine dressing up so elegantly...
not my lifestyle!
But I am totally amazed at those who do!
I wonder where you will be going in that lovely New Years Eve outfit?
Maybe I need to get out of the habit of hunkering down...nestling in on New Year's Eve!
Have a fabulous time!
Courtney said…
I heart that colour palette: so warm and inviting (I guess it helps that it's set in the Italian countryside).

The Matthew Williamson number is just stunning. Less is more with this one.
LOVE those two interior photos!
are those bejeweled pockets?! swoooon!
Christina said…
these earthy spaces are so classic and warm. hope you had a great holiday!
Joslyn said…
that dress...oh my. actually all of it, but that dress especially!
happy new year!
Li Mei She said…
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