holiday palette {mist+bronze}

I know that blue has become somewhat of a classic Christmas color but I never had given too much consideration to it for my personal decor. I always thought it was too cold. Then I saw a misty blue paired with bronze and decided it was going to be the palette for my decor this year. It is the perfect combination for the casual warmth I was searching for this season.

(nut garland via studio choo, tablescape and tree via canadian house and home, diy garland via 100 layer cake, cocoa and churros via cannelle et vanille, card via rifle design and place setting via canadian house and home)
I don't know about you but I am so craving that hot cocoa and churros right now.


Anonymous said…
I love these two colours paired together. And, do I ever want hot cocoa and a churro right about now.

Great post!
Daniella said…
Love, love, love the combination. That cannelle et vanille pic is one of my faves from her... so pretty for food! lol
I love it! My holiday colors rae red, gold, silver, and blue BUT my colors all the time are blue and bronzey brown so I'm lovin' it!
I am craving an ice cold lemonade....its darn hot here today!
I never did like blue for the holidays...but the touch of bronze really gets me. Love it. Yes that churro looks delicious!
You Are My Fave said…
I'm pretty much speechless. This is perfection.
Courtney said…
I love this gorgeous palette and I'm with you - blue has certainly peaked my interest starting this year. I'm especially fond of this vintage-y Tiffany blue: it is perfection.

PS: I am just waiting for the opportunity to make that DIY cupcake garland.
Oh, my favorite! Love these colors together. Beautiful post!
Anonymous said…
Oh how pretty... I put up blue & silver last year.. But my mom thought it was simply cold & boring.. and not christmasy... Hence I've moved back to red & gold this year.. Playing safe with the traditional colours.. ;-)
0o_irene_o0 said…
I've never think about this two colours for christmas, it's gorgeous!

Just when I was wondering wich palette use this year for wrap my presents, thanks! :)
This palette of colors is really beautiful and chic. The tablescape and tree photo is gorgeous!
Big hug for you,
La Dolfina said…
Great idea and fabulous inspiration!
I bought a lot of Z gallerie's bronze Christmas ornaments a few years ago and I love the idea of pairing them with pale blue! Thanks:)
Rachel Follett said…
What a beautiful inspiration board! Love the mood!
All so pretty. I just used that tree image on today's post. Saw it last night on House and Home. Love it!
These colours are great together and a nice change from traditional red and gold!
Kristin said…
Blair that is gorgeous! I am always looking for different holiday colors, this is a great combo.
Lauren said…
I want those churros too! And the nut garland!!!
it's SO SO good! plus you take it to a whole other level by calling it 'mist and bronze' instead of 'blue and brown'. you have a way with words blair!
So pretty...and now I really want a churro! haven't had one if forever :)
Doug Davis said…
I used this palette a few years ago for Christmas in my house and I loved it...and you're making me hungry
Unknown said…
Beautiful. I love this combo and keep thinking of the gorgeous simple runner you had at Thanksgiving, also sort of bronzish. I'm thinking of making one for Christmas.
LindsB said…
Yum, churros! I could eat those all day long everyday, they are so good!
Robert Smith said…
It's so cool. Really so nice. Thanks for sharing with everyone

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