all tied up with a bow!

I just got home from a very festive and quite fun Christmas party and when trying to decide what to wear I was very much wishing I had one of these lovely bow adorned pieces. They are all the perfect blend of feminine and festive.

(natalia brilli necklace, kate spade clutch/tote, valentino sandals and fendi dress)
What staples are you sporting this season!?


oh wow the headpiece is beautiful!

Very ethereal!
Anonymous said…
Ooohh, now I know what I want for Christmas.... those shoes!! Yum.
Blair you've perfectly captured the ideal holiday party outfit
paula said…
those shoes are divine.
Those shoes are fantastic!
Christina said…
All beautiful, but I would just have to have those sandals. They are a must!
Christina said…
loving the bow details on these pieces. that dress is amazing!
gasp. that dress. oh my.
Julia said…
My god, I love those shoes!
Daniella said…
Very pretty! Love the necklace
oh that fendi dress is to die for... I love everything to do with bows, ruffles and shine!
Anonymous said…
Love it all!!
Lovely outfit! Those shoes are fabulous!
unbelievably gorgeous. wish they had a target version! ha ha:)
well, i'm wearing that to my Christmas party!!! fabulous!
Padgett Hoke said…
as you already know, I am a lover of all things bows and ruffles and will adorn almost anything I wear with the two if I can!
jade said…
i love how this was styled. great picks.
Courtney said…
What a gorgeous collection of party-pieces. I'm sporting many-a-bow this holiday season (as well as sparkles and feathers and hairpieces). I just cut my hair and I'm still figuring out how it looks best.

I LOVE those shoes.
Couture Carrie said…
What a gorgeous look!
Am absolutely smitten with that Fendi dress ~ so perfectly draped!

Anonymous said…
I would feel so gorgeous dressed in these lovely party-pieces.

The bow details have always been a favourite of mine and own my fair share to pieces.

Thanks for sharing.
Wow Blair ~ what gorgeous pieces. I would put it all together minus the necklace as the dress doesn't need it. It is stunning. I want this outfit. The necklace is lovely. I would wear it with a white button down shirt ~ that would be my holiday sparkle. I haven't bought anything new for the holidays :(
Paula Grace
Ann [KitchAnn] said…
I think I'll ask Santa for the shoes and dress.

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