sponsor spotlight [padgett hoke]

I am really not sure how Padgett has time to make so many lovely adornments but every time I visit her shop there is always something new from fabulous stud earrings to the perfect holiday rosettes! I think these will all be added to my holiday wish list:
And for all you locals--if you would like to see her work in person she will have her work a E. Leaven this Thursday (4pm-8pm), Friday (9am-4pm) and Saturday (9am-2pm) and then again on December 5th all day at the Art Association's Bazaar (at Snow King). Oh, and don't forget to check out her charming blog!


Love Padgett Hokes Work...very much my taste:)
Courtney said…
Those rosettes are so sweet and I love the blue drops.
Christina said…
i LOVE her brooches. i want one for my winter coat.
Brianna Therry said…
Beautiful pendent . I will gift such nice my wife . Remove White Background

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