the perfect bedroom

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween weekend! I had a lovely time playing the part of Betty Draper, but all the festivities have left me a little burnt out and dreaming about the perfect bedroom in which to recoup. This bedroom has it all--the beautiful luxury of brocade mixed with casual cozy linens and not to mention the perfect bedside vignette.

(via homes and garden)
I am now craving hanging mismatched and misaligned artwork over my bedside table and perhaps an industrial lamp!


For some reason I fell like crawling into this bed today....and staying there all day!
Unknown said…
I Love that Bed. It is to die for. I love it and that nightstand w/ those pics. Very cute!
Annemarie said…
I am in love with that bed and its head/foot board!
Callie Grayson said…
very pretty!
recouping in that bed would be divine!
0o_irene_o0 said…
here in Genoa it's raining and it's very very cold outside, fortunatly I can stay in home, specially in my bedroom, so white and cozy. love your blog!
that bed is simply fabulous! wow!
There is something about a french bed that makes you want to never get out of it....

Leeann x
What a beautiful bed!! Perfect bedroom indeed!
Christina said…
nice choice, it is perfection.
Courtney said…
Oh, how I love this headboard.

I have to laugh - I currently have an industrial lamp on my beadside tabe until I find the right "bedside lamp." {That being said, my bedside table is not this glamorous}.
Robert Smith said…
Very well displayed. Nice bedroom.
photo clip said…
Amazing. The decoration is so much pretty. I have to praise your choice. The bed looks great. well done.

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