inspiring sugar rush

Committing to a color palette is difficult, as there is always the unknown of how the colors will work together. Which is why I always love seeing color combinations somewhere else first, especially somewhere unexpected. My newest favorite source for this variety of inspiration is confections.

(via domino and sweet and saucy shop)
It is how I learned that I loved the combination of slate, cream and hunter green as well as well as taupe, gold, leaf green and deep royal purple.

(via kim ficaro and unknown)
Where have you been finding color inspiration lately, anywhere unexpected? And thank you so much for all your thoughts on my mirror location (see below post)!


The white bunnies with green ribbons are just beautiful and such a great color inspiration! For the longest time my gray and white cats with olive green eyes and just the hint of pink at their noses have been my interior inspiration--and I have to say they do look lovely in the house, as it's tailored to their coloring! I usually go to nature because there are never any mistakes and always such surprising combinations.
susie q said…
Weirdness! I just posted a color combo of gray, green, and terra cotta that almost matches these. I'm inspired by art these days. I'll follow-up my post with a link to your’s. Beautiful and inspiring images, as always!
christina said…
Love both color combinations! So gorgeous, and so unexpected. I actually just found my color inspiration for baby announcements in an outfit...I know fashion isn't really an unexpected place for color inspiration. But it's good when you find something to give you a kick in the right direction.

What a fun place to find inspiration! We have the best cupcake shop in New Orleans right around the corner from where I work and I always go in there and find the most beautifully decorated cupcakes with such fun color combinations! Those cookies are fun too, I think they would be great at a wedding in the shape of a bride and groom.
Padgett Hoke said…
I love this post - combining my two of my favorite things 1. sweets and 2. good color combos in gorgeous rooms!

I am so glad you are enjoying the earrings! makes me smile knowing they are being worn by such a fashionable lady!
Courtney said…
OOOh - these are lovely.

I have an unexpected colour combination inspiration board that I will be posting shortly (provided my laptop doesn't die on me).
how sweet are those cookie lady heads? very cheeky.
I love finding color inspiration in unexpected places and love to learn about what has sparked someone else's choice of color. Thanks.
Federica said…
Love love this color palette!
Brittney said…
I have always loved the same color palate, ever since I watched the 1995 version of "A Little Princess".
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