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It has been a hectic week and I feel like I haven't had a moment of rest. I am really wishing that I could just work from home today to catch up on life and hang out with my dogs. However to actually stay focused at home I think I would need an amazing home office and any one of these would do just fine!

(scanned from September 2008 Domino)

(via August 2009 Canadian House and Home)

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(scanned from To Your Taste)

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Do you work from home? If so, any tips on staying focused? Alright, have a great day. I am off to grab a coffee and then of to the office.


Amanda said…
These are really fantastic images! I have been reading your lovely blog for a while now, and am inspired every time I read it - keep it up :)
Yep, I need to make a clean sweep.

My desk has to sit perpendicular to the window, with the wall behind me.
I live on a busy street. I get to watch all the joggers go by and write by the northern light.

Old Feng-Shui thing about having your back secure, and being able to see who's coming.
Unknown said…
oh the first one ...so fresh ...with the door open ...love. dream.
Unknown said…
Delightful little work spaces!
I do work from home and you can visit my blog too....;)
Sometimes I take a turn in the garden to get some fresh air. Sometimes all you need is a little break or a friendly chat with someone unrelated to work.
Don't be to hard on you, we all need a moment here and there.
I am new here, but love what I see...
Chic Coles said…
sorry your week has been so hectic, Hope it gets better. Great offices.
love the first one, with that door open to the garden! I do work from home and I love it! I like to take a break to water the plants and grass!
OMG the first image has my heart. Open to the outdoors is perfect! Now that is an office I could get some work done in. I think I would have a better quality of work and feel happier.

If only....one day when I grow up :)

Unknown said…
love the 3rd pic!

For all things fashion:
please sir said…
Wow these are great examples - swoon!
Dallas Shaw said…
in the process of redoing my office- filling it with white!
Annemarie said…
I love the white office on the top with the splashes of color! That pink sign looks perfect in there!
Anonymous said…
I love.love.love the first office! White with lots of colours is just my style. I don't work from home, but if I did I can just imagine it would be a lot tougher staying focused.

Great post, Blair.
Rachel Follett said…
These are great! Love that little nook with the drafting table. I could work all day there. Well maybe. :)
Apt. #34 said…
That last office - dying! Where is it from?!
I so know how you feel. Work and school this week have been long and working from home is just so much better. But, it can be easier to get distracted...I agree :) I love the last image.
you were right about us being on the same page, we're clever :) I love the third and fourth one...being in a creative industry, for me, it's important to have a desk with a view of the outside world. inspiring and motivating
Sarah Chau Phan said…
i absolutely love your blogspot- and all its post because it gives me a little inspiration and the bright side of life everyday when i come towards a visit. i think you really should keep this beautiful work up. :D

Sarah @www.yourrface.blogspot.com
Looking at these photos really makes me wish of bringing my office in my home. I really want it because I am more productive when I am at home.
PS~Erin said…
big issue for me! Of course if I had one of these office spaces, I'm *sure* I'd have no problem...
Christina said…
i do not work from home, unless you count my crafting at night. i wish i could work from home during the day. definitely think i would have trouble staying focused though.
Jessica said…
Wonderful! I do work from home and have tried to make my office/art studio a place I really want to be but even so it is extremely easy for me to get distracted. I seem to work best in the late hours of the night, I think due to there being less to distract me. I love John Derian's work table, that's very close to how mine looks(I'm also a decoupage artist). Nice blog!
Diane R. Lozada said…
Interior spaces are impressive . Like these lot . Remove White Background

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