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I loved the last collection from Australian based Woodford & Co and am even more impressed with their current one. It is sweet, elegant and feminine. If I had to choose one line that defined my style this would definitely be it!

Now, if it was only warm enough here to wear such lovely pieces! Maybe I should should just move down under for the US winter!


Callie Grayson said…
so sweet and feminine. Love that first dress!!!
Maybe I will move with you!
Emily said…
The navy sparkly number in the last pictures are amazing. The risky open back...love it!
lovely! that last black dress with a bow is gorgeous!
Aussie designer? I like but have never heard of them! That white dress is to die, the weather here is perfect for these :)
GiDu said…
I love this designer!! I went to their website hoping to be able to order online, but there were no links to anything. I emailed them to find out if there was a place to order online or if there is somewhere in the US to buy. Waiting to hear back..
blue moss said…
such pretty frocks! love them
Chic Coles said…
Love that last dress with the navy metallic.
susie q said…
I don't usually care for ruffles, but these are so beautiful. Don’t move down under — just come down south. It stays warm enough here in Atlanta to wear these through most of the winter.
Very feminine, love these!
That first red dress is lovely!
Christina said…
all the frills are so much fun. i like that these pieces are kind of funky but in neutral colors which, for me, makes them wearable.
oh wow...well since I am a huge frills fan, this does it for me!
Couture Carrie said…
Stunningly beautiful!
I neeeeed that backless white dress!

Sidney said…
I LOVE that white dress...so flirty and fun!
Sarah Klassen said…
I love each piece, and would wear them all! I will definitely have a look at their site now.

Thanks for the great intro. to this new-to-me company :)
Jenni said…
I wish I owned every single one of those! GORGEOUS!
PS~Erin said…
So cute! Loving those first two pieces!
Christine P. said…
Thank you for introducing me to this collection and designer! so stunning! i love the sequins (always) and the ruffles. Perfection!
oh i love this! that skirt is too cute!
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