a touch of cozy

This morning I decided to brave the snow and darkness and take the dogs for a longer than usual morning walk. I also decided to do this while wearing flip flops (not my best decision ever). Needless to say I am still quite chilled from this excursion and would love nothing more than to curl up in a cozy blanket or warm up my toes on a cozy faux fur rug.

(via tom scheerer, unkown, justin bernhaut, design*sponge, and nuevo estilo)
Hope you are having a lovely (and warm) Friday!


Sounds freezing! But these images are warmer. I love the one in the closet...and the closet itself!!
Design Esquire said…
I hope you were warmer by the end of the post! I love the first image. It is a great mix of living space and bedroom.
Padgett Hoke said…
umm clearly when theres snow warm fuzzy shoes come out!! oh my, I don't know how your toes just didn't fall off! I do love these photos those, so gorgeous!
oh that last space is gorgeous! hope you have a lovely weekend, darling! xo
liza said…
That's very funny. I'm in need of cozy, too. So, thank you, Blair! Have a good weekend.
Farfallina said…
Oh, I adore that dressing room/oversized closet! That's defintely the kind of cozy I'm looking for! :)
Yikes! I can't imagine going outside in flip flops right now!

These rooms are all so gorgeous.
You could definitely wear flip flops in NC today, I am ! Beautiful rooms you have posted.
PS~Erin said…
It's finally cold here (well, in the 50's). Your images are so very comfy looking! Have a great weekend!
Lindsey said…
All of those photos just make me want to snuggle up with a blanket as well.

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Courtney said…
You what?! ha ha. You made me cold just reading that.

It's going to snow here any day and I'm half sad half ecstatic.

Happy Weekend!
_ffyona said…
I love the 2nd pic, always a dream to have something like that!
Couture Carrie said…
Totally gorgeous post, B! I neeeeed that fabulous closet!

Fabulous photos! Great blog!

Have a great weekend!

This is such a great post and especially perfect for the chilly weather we are having in Chicago right, now! These warm throws and rugs are so enticing!
Love all of these but esp that first one. I hope your weekend is great.
Anonymous said…
Wow brave girl. Walking the dogs in flip flops sounds like something I would do. Hope you warmed up. XoXo
Hi, love your blog. I liked the painted brick wall in photo one. Very 80's chic. cheers Katherine
Anonymous said…
I DIE for that closet!! Would totally take a nap on that rug so I could be surrounded by all that chicness when I awake!
Donna said…
I have Ikea sheep skins on my dining room chairs...so comfy to sit it!!!
Flip flops in the snow? You are so brave! I just adore faux fur accessories this time of year. I'm sitting on one on my chair right now. :)
Anonymous said…
I also wear my flip flops until it gets too cold out. So hard to kick the habit and put the feet in boots! Love these pics and that closet is divine!
Christina said…
flip flops?! i can't walk the dogs on a good day with flip flops on. these furry items looks warm and cozy, i'm especially liking that last shot.
Williams said…
All are attractive . Thanks for sharing .

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