perfect [pattern on pattern] look

I am not one to post a single fashion editorial image--however, this image has been haunting me and begging to be posted. At first I couldn't decide my thought on the pattern on pattern look but lets just say it grew on me exponentially ever time I looked at it (it is pinned on my inspiration board) and now I think it just downright perfect!

(scanned from marie claire)
And I think this style also perfectly showcases a lovely way to wear a dash of sequins. If you like this level of sparkle (like I do!) you will also love this shirt from vanessa bruno. Is the pattern on pattern look one you would take the risk to sport?


Yes it is. I love the pattern on pattern thing. Especially this.
Rachel Follett said…
I love when you see patterns together that just scream perfect. Beautiful image!
Callie Grayson said…
I just looked at a wool rug with that flower pattern on the sweater! it was gorgeous at Edwards Fields

xx callie
blue moss said…
love the pattern on pattern :)
Jenn said…
Oooo... love it
Molly said…
i am so very very very in love with this look! thanks for following your instincts & posting this. totally made my evening!
Unknown said…
I agree ...although confused by it at first, I kind of love it. In fact, I just finished putting together my outfit for tomorrow and it's pattern on pattern. What's funny is, nothing else really worked ...a solid jacket just seemed so boring, so usual. So yes, I'm totally sporting it tomorrow.

I love this photo. Those big rose prints remind me so much of the early 90's. I just snatched up a Betsey J. dress on FUSE with a similar pattern.

A novel. ;)

I LOVE the post below too. The color scheme. ugh, to die.
Christina said…
I love it. It helps that i love floral patterns in the first place.
Design Esquire said…
I really like the look too. I think the top just enough white so it's not too much pattern on pattern. It's a nice casual look for sequins too.
Its so hard to pull off pattern on print. love it!
Courtney said…
I love this image - it was woth a post to itself.

I would rock it myself, too; however, I also think there's a fine line between busy and lovely.

I'm off to see Maegan's outfit, now, for more inspiration.
Apt. #34 said…
I don't typically do florals but I love this
Nice pattern . Thanks for sharing .

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