happy [bold red] weekend

I know red is not a traditional Halloween color but it happens to be the weekend of a big game for the Georgia Bulldogs. No I did not go to University of Georgia and I haven't even been to the state but many of my friends are devout fans and it has rubbed off a bit. One of their team colors is red--so I thought some eye candy in the color would possibly bring them luck!

(via annie leibovitz via captivate moi, unknown and arent & pyke)
p.s. If you are craving some orange and black--you can get your fix with my fashioning interiors guest post on Plush Palate from earlier this week!


Katie said…
GOOOOO Dawgs. LOVE the red Blair! xoxo
love that red dress, darling! hope you have a wonderful spooky weekend!
susie q said…
Whoa. Your credits led me to Arent & Pyke's website. { Thank you! } It's beautiful. We bloggers see lots of designers' sites and this one is by far among the best.

Love these images! Have a great weekend.
Beautiful photograph up top and love that little set up with the red flats :)
paula said…
I don't wear red, but lately I have been craving a red dress. Have a lovely weekend.
Gorgeous DRESS! I love the way the artwork is displayed here too.
Smokin' red dress, wow!

Happy Halloween,
I LOVE that top pic! Beautiful.

Happy Halloween!
Annemarie said…
Stunning red dress! Have a great weekend XOXO
stumbled onto your blog just now from somewhere else in blog land....

My husband and I are from North GA...went to the University of Georgia...LOVED every minute of it! Athens, GA is a *MUST* place to visit...best college town E.V.E.R.

We are living in Orlando, FL now...and we are SO excited about the game today....hoping and praying that the DAWGS pull it off!!!
Janean said…
my family lives in the atlanta area...go dawgs. great photos with red in them....
crimson on green like the first picture is exquisite. so random, but I just did a whole post on little red riding hood, and that first picture reminds me of it :)

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