designer crush {madeline stuart}

How is that it was only until just recently that I discovered the work of Madeline Stuart? When I saw the Jackson Hole home she designed in the latest Elle Decor I was instantly in love, as she found the perfect balance between the rustic and natural elements associated with rocky mountain living and the elegant refinement I crave. When I pursued her portfolio I was not disappointed and was especially in love with this home:

It is livable and laid back while also being luxurious! She also happens to feature the work of one of my favorite artists (over the mantle), Ashley Collins. Yes, I truly have a new designer crush.


simplesong said…
gorgeous! totally livable and laidback.
those kitchen cabinets look like they strike such a balance between aesthetic and usefulness...i cant wait to have my own kitchen (hopefully like that one)
I can see why you have a new crush. Simply devine.
What a perfect home! So soft and livable, yet luxurious and chic! Thanks for the introduction!
Daniella said…
Beautiful rooms! A good balance of rustic and elegant... love it!
Unknown said…
Wonderful! Such beautiful rooms! Have a sweet day!
Farfallina said…
What a dreamhouse! Love love love!
Thanks for sharing!

XO Farfallina
_ffyona said…
Her work certainly have the luxurious feel coupled in it. A total dream. I thought the kitchen look fab with that colour.
paula said…
this is a crush so worth having. Happy weekend Blair.
Maria Johns said…
qBlair, Gave a lil shout out to one of your inspiration boards today cuz they are soo inspirational! love your eye for color and design.
Design Esquire said…
I love it too. It's just perfection, there's nothing more to say.

I hope you have a Happy Halloween!
Couture Carrie said…
Love the kitchen and that amazing bed in the last pic!

Oh it really does blend rustic with glamour so successfully, really love it.
Haven and Home said…
Oh I am drooling over this home. I am not familiar with her, I will be sure to look her up!
Courtney said…
OK, I think I do, too.

I love the mantle artwork. I'm hunting for something for mine, debating artwork or a leaning mirror. It's pieces like this that have me craving art.

Susan D. Allen said…
How beautiful interior space man .. Weldone for sharing .. Remove White background
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