comfortable luxury

I don't know about you but when I think about luxurious spaces I think of rooms where I can't touch or sit on anything, almost as is I am in a museum. It isn't that I wouldn't like a few luxurious touches in my home (a gilt consul or crystal sconce, perhaps) but I also want a space that I can feel comfortable relaxing in. I think this loft has achieved what I imagined to be unachievable--comfortable luxury.

(november 2009 canadian house and home)
Love the balance of the antiques with the inviting and casual seating. I could go on and on about all the details I love about this room (the screen and that sidetable!) but I won't. Best yet, did I mention this style is proving successful in a loft?


This is defintly comfortable luxury! Velvet, gold accents, shimmering chandelier, plush pillows = LUXURY.
MissBliss said…
Double take! This is a loft???

Ange said…
So many beautiful elements in these spaces and yet none of them dominate, everything works so well together. Thanks for sharing.
Courtney said…
Ooh. I just received my issue last week and read it cover to cover.

I love the pop of red on the white palette and the use of gold in this room.
love the hollywood regency look in the first place.
Design Esquire said…
I love all the light fixtures.
Couture Carrie said…
So true, darling ~ very important for luxury to be accessible! Love these spaces!

Michelle said…
Ohh, looks like a rich friends' place, who will invite you up for take-out and let you wear your converse all over the place. Perfect mix of glamour and relaxation.
Donna said…
Love that seating...looks so comfy!
oh yes, I'm with you! I couldn't stand luxury without comfort! love those antique chandeliers! xo
I absolutely love the pink chairs!!! LOVE IT!
Apt#34 said…
the space in the bottom right hand corner is calling my name!
Rachel Follett said…
I really like the non traditional seating area. Looks so comfortable and great for a party!
Comfortable luxury - I love that! I think that describes my goal for my house perfectly. I would never have known this was a loft if you hadn't told us.
PS~Erin said…
And the red dining chairs are fabulous!
Really very luxury . Like this man .

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