dash of [framed] glamour

Looking around my living room I would say that it is welcoming and has a classic clean look. Even though I have a few glamorous accessories I really want to add one key piece that exudes glamour without going overboard. So, I have a mirror that I am going to redo the frame of in soft gold and I hoping it will turn out looking just like these...

(veere grenney associates, house beautiful and darryl carter)
Or maybe I will switch out the track lights in my kitchen for a simple crystal chandelier...but I will save inspiration on that idea for another post! What do you have in your home to add a subtle splash of glamour?


Anonymous said…
The top pic looks familiar at least in style and shape to some old chairs and a cabinet that I remember from an old apartment at 70 E. Cedar. I remember a gold mirror above them too. Simple and elegant.
Padgett Hoke said…
I love the gold frame, I have a huge gold framed mirror in my bedroom that I thought was out, but I guess not, whoo hoo!

ps - gave your site an award, check it out!!

oh, and I love the girls from deliciously organized, carlee wrote me the nicest note!

giveaways are so much fun! must have more...
Oh Blair, your posts never cease to amaze me, you really have such lovely inspiring interiors. love love love it. The cabinet in the first pic is heaven!

My apartment is only newly lived in, and very lacking in glamour or style. If I could have one thing right now, it would be a gorgeous statement rug in a bright colour or pattern that is amazingly soft. You'll have to post pics of your mirror when you're finished! I love me some DIY
Farfallina said…
Oh, that bathroom in the last picture is gorgeous!
Rachel Follett said…
Oh gosh I think my home needs more splashes of glamour. Beautiful inspiration!
I think frames are so "in" right now and you can do so much with them... least of all frame a pic!
that bathroom is simply gorgeous!
I have a chandelier in my living room, but not as low as I would like... hubby didn't like it so we had to make a deal and place it very high... :(
Couture Carrie said…
Lovely post; especially love the wall in the second pic!

such a lovely color palette
christina said…
Gorgeous pictures. I'm actually looking for a mirror for my family room. These are great inspiration photos! :)
Dreamy pictures as always!

Check out my blog today...I gave you an award!!!


Rebecca June
KatyO! said…
just found your blog and I love it!!
Oh I can't wait to see what you do. I know I touch of gold will glam up the space in no time.

I add a little dose of zebra for my glam factor. I love it!
Studio LOFF said…
Hi there!

I like the chairs in the first pic. Especially incombination with that table. Nice contrast.

Natascha xoxo
Chic Coles said…
Fun to see pictures. I am sure it will turn out glamours.
PS~Erin said…
I love that first image so much!

Crystal chandeliers are so dreamy :-)
Christina said…
i have an antique gold mirror in my office (which is totally out of place mind you) but it makes me feel better to have something feminine and slightly glamorous in an ick office.
Rachel M. Dolph said…
Impressive to see your task . Like it .
Robert Smith said…
Loving the info on this website, you have done an outstanding job on the blog posts.

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