color combination {slate+copper}

It was downright summery here all weekend. So I was completely not prepared for it to be the last weekend of the farmers market, for football to perpetually be on TV and to be cutting up leaves when mowing the lawn. However I am ready to add a touch of warm fall color to my home (and wardrobe) with neutral and natural slate and copper accents.

(via suzanne kasler, todd romano, domino, jeffery bilhuber)
So, I ask you what colors (or patterns, for that matter!) are you getting ready to add to your home this fall?

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i love all of these images...especially the little 'x' you have any idea where i could find some that are well priced?
Cara said…
holy cow, i love *all* of these -- um, if I could, I would incorporate *all* of these this fall -- you know, into my smashingly gorgeous mansion so I could do all of these, of course.
Anonymous said…
I think these colors are sooo cozy and inviting. Perfect for this time of year in my opinion!
Couture Carrie said…
Gorgeous post, darling!
Love the pairs of stools in the first three pics!

I love, love, love the second photo down. I too am excited for fall colors that can be added to my wardrobe. Hope you are having a good Monday!
At Town Square said…
Love this color combo. Anything with white-I just love. Adding the copper color to it makes that room pop!Love your blog by the way. Follow me on the town square!
Pam Kersting said…
Yikes! What is that ghastly-looking tree trunk thing in the second photograph!
I really enjoy copper with the lighter grays as in the first photo. I am not crazy about it with the darker gray though. Yes, football is on and I am turning on the lights earlier and earlier.
Callie Grayson said…
love this palette. all my walls are grey, so I am looking at doing accessories in nectarine this fall and haven't even thought of christmas yet, but yellow for the beginning of spring.
I am in love with the third image! So warm for fall but still light and airy!
It's Spring here, but when it is Autumn/fall I love to have lots of throws and change my sofa slip covers from white to beige.
Rachel Follett said…
What a beautiful color combo! So elegant and romantic. Perfect for fall.
Design Babylon said…
LOVE the X-base benches! Am about to post an image of a room by Steven Gambrel wth x-base stools uphostered in orange with a navy contrast welt. Ugh!! I DIE!
Unknown said…
So beautiful--that photo of the trees is otherworldly! And love that almost-distressed gray carpet! Love this post!

TIG said…
completely in love with the first image, especially the lucite tables
Inspiring these interior decoration . Weldone for sharing . remove white background

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