[bookmark worthy] brick

I was clearing out all my bookmarked web pages that I didn't need anymore (there was probably 300!) and noticed quite the trend in the most recent ones. Almost every single apparel and home item that I had saved contained one fabulous fall color, a lovely brick red. I thought they were the perfect items (some of which are under $250!) to share with you on the first official day of fall!

(wool and silk Thakoon dress, steve alan checked fall shirt, j.crew peeptoe pumps, tory burch enamel clutch, madeline weinrib throw pillow)
Needless to say I didn't delete the bookmark links to these items!


Anonymous said…
I'm not usually an orange fan but these are great! That pillow is fabulous!!
Unknown said…
I'm drooling over each item. As a girl with fair skin and dark hair, fall and winter are my favorite seasons simply because of the palate available. Brick is such an underused-and underappreciated-color.

What a gorgeous choice!
Jess LC said…
Beautiful! I like it, it reminds me of a winter version of peach.
Christina said…
i'd love to wear that plaid shirt with some skinny jeans and flats. so cute!
I love it all. Those shoes are great!
this orange-brick color is sooo beautiful! love that dress! xo

p.s. I should probably be clearing out my bookmarked pages too!
Farfallina said…
Oh, I love the pumps and the dress! Just wondering a bit what that color would do to my skin-tone... That orange color wasn't meant for everyone I guess!
Rachel said…
I LOVE that dress! It would be such a classic wardrobe addition.
Couture Carrie said…
Brick is beautiful, B! Particularly digging that Thakoon dress and the fab throw pillow!

I just came across your blog, you have some great stuff on here. I love Brick Red, especially the plaid shirt!

Gosh, you're cute.

..and cuter still in those pumps and the plaid.
Rachel Follett said…
I love this brick red color because it isn't as flashy as pure red. It is more subdued. Love that pillow!
Nicole Marie said…
that pillow is gorgeous!
J. said…
I love the pillow!
I would love that pillow and those shoes are divine! -carlee

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