fashioning interiors {thread social resort 2009}

So I think that I am going to use my new fashioning interiors series to work my way through the upcoming fall and resort collections. Today, I am going to fast forward to the Thread Social resort line (I am sucker for one shoulder dresses and the perfect pops of brilliant orange!)
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Rachel said…
That bathroom is fun!!

Great dresses!
bananas. said…
dang you're good. i love the striped look best.
Maria Johns said…
The stripey bathroom is stunning!
another home run blair! i love that kitchen with the single pop of orange!
Couture Carrie said…
What gorgeous match-ups, B! You have a real talent for this!

I especially love the orange frock paired with the double-mirrored space!

Chic Coles said…
Thanks for showing us your fall and resort collections through interiors! Love the shimmering silver with the pops of orange.
Gorgeous! Love them all!
PS~Erin said…
You are so spot on. Wow. Very impressive, and fun interiors! Love the first and last.
Devon said…
I love the last look. Gorgeous--would love to wear that to a dinner party.
simplesong said…
oh my i adore these dresses!
Love what you have done here. I am also in love with that orange bin in the last photo.
You are Oh-So-Clever!

Clever enough to keep me interested.
Anonymous said…
Fabulous rooms and I am a huge Thread Social fan! Great job!
Pink Wallpaper said…
i love those mirrors w/ the orange swoosh....have a great weekend!
Christina said…
this line is so cute and i love the little pops of orange!
so beautiful post, Blair! love those pops of orange! have a wonderful weekend, darling! xo
Design Esquire said…
Wow, you're really good at this! I love the black and white stripes the best (although, the orange ones are awesome too).
Callie Grayson said…
brilliant post!
I always love a small pop of orange, it's so under rated, which is good since I love it so much.... love having that bit of perfection to my selfish self:)
I always work orange into my interiors, it takes all by surprise but they always admit they love it in the end:)
Unknown said…
what a beautiful post! you did it again! I am so in love lately with your fashioning interiors!!
Love the third picture!!
Professional job . Gorgeous to see these here . remove white background

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