event inspiration {rustic elegance}

Rustic weddings are quite common here in Jackson Hole, as so many couples want to embrace the wild beauty and laid back lifestyle of the area. I think finding the right balance of rustic charm and sophisticated elements can be quite tricky so I decided to put together a board for what I believe is the elusive rustic elegance. They key is use natural colors as well as organic materials.

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And if you are need of a little fashion fix, hop on over to Haven and Home to check out the birthday celebration and ten year high school reunion outfits that the lovely Marianne kindly asked me to put together for her.


Haven and Home said…
Oh rustic is right up my alley. When I got married I really didn't put too much thought into it. It was pretty, I loved it, but I wasn't a very good bride as far as planning was concerned. After seeing these pictures and all the other blog posts I wish I could back and redo it! I would hire you to be my planner!
Unknown said…
I think the white blossoms you chose, with their greenery gives the perfect simple elegance to balance the rustic--lovely!
Christina said…
i saw the outfits and they are fantastic!
Emorie said…
i think the rustic board came out really well...very beautiful!
This inspiration board is definitely the right balance between rustic elements and sophistication. Lovely.
Oh this is gorgeous! What a beautiful inspiration board! I adore those little birds and nest on the table. :)
georgia b. said…
pretty pretty pretty.
having just been at a wedding, i am very into them lately. almost makes me want to plan them for other people, since i already had my own. :)

thanks for your thoughtful comment on my nashville post. it made me feel good that someone would actually use my list as a guide should they visit. you're a sweety!
Megan said…
You've done a great job with this board- the soft textures mixed with natural elements are beautiful!
Joyce said…
I like rustic! I love the choices of clothing. You sure know how to put things together. xoxo
I love this idea, wish I had not rushed in to get married all those years ago. Rustic weddings....there was no such thing I guess..Or maybe I didnt know what I really loved all that time ago. All these images are wonderful.
PS~Erin said…
I just love this descriptor, rustic elegance. The dining room set up you posted yesterday was great and I think the inspiration board is so pretty too.
Julia said…
This is such a beautiful interpretation of rustic :)
What a great inspiration, I love this rustic/country wedding, very romantic! Wonderful collage!

Happy weekend!
lovely, exactly as I think rustic should be!
hope you have a wonderful weekend!
All are inspiring . There is no confuse . Cut Out Image

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