cheap(er) chic: marigold

I just adore marigold--it is such a warm and happy shade of oh so popular yellow. Between the sun shining in my office window today and the fact that I am gaga for the below clutch from etsy seller, {ao3} designs, I thought marigold would be the perfect color for this weeks cheap(er) chic!

dvf tunic ($225), stunning silk clutch from {a03} designs ($34), birdie earrings ($18)and necklace ($42) from anthropologie, chiffon dress from j.crew ($49.99), clutch by michael kors ($198), sandals from dillards ($99)
Ok, and yes I cheated a little bit ($25 over my $200 limit) with the dvf tunic but it was just too perfect to pass up! Is there a trend, color, pattern or piece that you would like feautured in the next cheap(er) chic?


Unknown said…
auuuugh! yellow feeding frenzy!

i love that yellow top with the sash. (or is it a dress?) either way, i need to be wearing it.
Christina said…
how sweet are those little bird earrings?!
The tunic is wonderful! So are the earrings.
There is something about that silk clutch that I just LOVE!
I adore this color! I'd like a trench on this color. The clutch is just gorgeous!
Nicole Marie said…
the dvf tunic is adorable!! love this color. prefect for summer!
Unknown said…
such a happy post--i love marigold too!

I can't believe that chiffon dress from JCrew is only 50 bucks! Oh, yummy, yummy gumdrops!
happy color, make me smile! haaah great blog :)

Andrea said…
I normally don't like the colour yellow.
To me it's "YELL"-ow.
But these I really like.
Maybe I can work some 'Marigold' into my life.
Callie Grayson said…
that necklace is sweet!!!
christina said…
Looking at this instantly brightened my day. Love those birdie earrings.
Joyce said…
Wearing yellow can only add a smile to your face. I love the sandals. xoxo
Rachel said…
I used to wear yellow and lot a few years back and got rid of it all, guess I should have kept it!! I love the accent yellows now!!

you might have already done this before.. and it may be boring, but what about summer black clothes??
Everything it's beautiful! I love that yellow dress!
this shade of yellow is so so gorgeous!!
Anonymous said…
Yum yum! This really is one of my current top color picks--but I'm so pale that I can't wear it against my face. thank goodness for bags and shoes, right? ;)
tanya said…
yay! I love this--such a happy color :-)
KristenB said…
I love marigold. I fell in love with it when I saw this in a Martha Stewart wedding magazine.

I used the headband with fresh flowers idea in my wedding. :)
Unknown said…
ooh, marigold! now that's a color you don't see all the time! what a happy post!
Joslyn said…
oooh i wish i looked good in yellow
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