perfect sunday spots

First of all I would like to thank Tom Sheerer for designing the perfect Sunday for me in his portfolio. In an ideal world I would wake up leisurely to the light flowing in the windows of this beautiful bedroom:

And then peruse my favorite blogs while enjoying some chai tea and homemade oatmeal in this lovely mutli-use living space:

Followed by more lounging in a quite reading nook to catch up on the latest Real Simple and to decide what way to complicated meal to attempt to make for a Sunday dinner with friends.

After a long shower I would start cooking dinner and welcome some close friends for dinner through this spacious and stunning entryway (this room may have just made the entry way my favorite room in the house).

And finally have a manhattan and wonderful dinner in this elegant and rustic dining room on some drop dead gorgeous benches.

(all photos via various projects in Tom Scheerer's portfolio and have been published in various publications)
Oh, a girl can dream, right? And I am pretty sure I could find the perfect day of the week and activities for each of the rooms in his portfolio. Do you have a favorite Sunday spot? Hope you have the perfect Sunday and the perfect spots to enjoy it!


i could sleep all day in that first bedroom, so lovely!
Anonymous said…
great post blair!
Christina said…
sounds like a wonderful sunday. i'm really liking the look of benches along a dining table (in the last photo). as for my favorite sunday spot- and afternoon w/my favorite person and my two dogs at the park:)
Rachel Follett said…
What a perfect Sunday!
kadler said…
You're right, this place is wonderful. Especially that bedroom.

Can I come to the party?
Unknown said…
Oh, that top one, I could live there I think and never come out. Is there a beach nearby? That would be the clincher, run away from it all! -e
Courtney said…
Tom Scheerer's rooms are perfection-- his work is so dreamy (and don't you just love the entire house to which the first bedroom belongs?! So calming and beautiful.)
Minara said…
The first one decoration looks more spanking from other to me . Cut Out Image
Robert Smith said…
I like the first one. It was really so attractive to watch. Appreciate your sharing

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