tea with heart

I love Sundays, I love curling up with the newspaper or my newest shelter magazine purchase and having some tea. I have a variety of teas that rotate between--honey ginseng green tea, a red tea, peppermint and occasionally earl gray. However, I think I found a new brand of tea to choose from--a tea company with a heart. This company is Teatulia, a Denver based company that produces wonderful organic teas.

The teas are harvested in Northern Bangladesh, helping sustain the land of this impoverished area. This company is not only providing jobs for this community, but has established education, health and cattle-lending programs for the people there.

(gift sample pack)
The packaging is quite lovely too! You can purchase the teas online and at select retailers. I highly encourage to check out their website and their blog. Kristie, thank you for turning me on to this tea!


So much thanks for this post here . Like it .

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