perfect {valentine's day} trench

Would this not be the most perfect coat for over the perfect valentine's day outfit? Or really for any occasion?


diday said…
beautiful jacket! i
so cute! i say perfect anyday!
I adore this coat! Lovely color!
Loving your blog!
Have a wonderful Valentine's day!
Emorie said…
i would love to have this year round, the details are amazing!
inkWELL Press said…
Love the color of this trench - so unexpected! I'm really trying to not buy any more black or brown coats (but it's not that easy!)
Courtney said…
ohh. I love it! I have a weakness for buttons. This is a perfect {everyday} trench!

I'm on the market for one this spring: I'm a huge fan of this length and style. Thanks Blair: great find.
Anonymous said…
this is gorgeous! i love everything about it-the bow and the color! great find blair :) have a lovely weekend!
Callie Grayson said…
yes, perfect coat!!!
i have a huge weekend for coats.... i have about 30, so this may make it 31!
Anonymous said…
What a gorgeous colour! I just bought one in tan.

A definite must-have in every woman's closet.
This dresses looks ncie and its coloring are excellent , thanks .

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