organized clutter

I have a love hate relationship with clutter, as it can either create warmth or just utter chaos in a space. Such a fine line and I think these open kitchen shelves illustrate how beautiful organized clutter can be. I especially love the variety and unexpectedness of the items displayed.

(via john gruen)
What are your thoughts on clutter? Love it or hate it?


Kastina said...

I was actually going to write a article on this...organized clutter is in-and of itself great. I love the look. I think it can save people tons of money if you buy a bunch of separate pieces that in a way match and have uniform together...even randomness is a patter mathematically.

Creme de la Mode said...

That's good clutter.

I think clutter is fine as long as

1. it's intentional - not because the person is a slob and
2. there is still empty space so that the room is functional.

Lovely photo, I think the almost all-white china helped it not look too disorganized.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

I agree with Creme - that's good clutter! I love it when it doesn't look messy - just lived-in. Only problem is dusting, which I never do!

Callie Grayson said...

i am for organized clutter. I can't function is a space that is full of clutter with no reason.

Tina said...

definitely yes on organised clutter or pretty clutter, by nature i tend to buy too many things so this works for me ;)

summer said...

intentional clutter is very appealing- these photos are beautiful! I love the lamp over the worktable- so simple & pretty.

Blair said...

Creme-love your take on this and think you are absolutely right!

And Karen- I have a similar dusting problem!:)

Design Lovely said...

I too have a love and hate relationship with clutter especially when it comes to kitchen shelves because I absolutely love the look of shelving instead of upper cabinets. I guess if you have beautiful dishware it can work really well like this photo.

Rachel said...

I love/hate clutter too. I love other people's cute clutter and I hate my own clutter.

Anonymous said...

Clutter: Hate it! And yet I can't seem to escape it! I agree with everyone that there is a certain degree of 'organized clutter' that can be okay, but for me I feel so satisfied when I walk into my house and everything is put away exactly where it's supposed to be! (of course that rarely happens ;)

blue moss said...

clutter....absolutely hate it....but my house is filled with it right now :)

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

I love this style. Since I am a collector of too many things, I have clutter, but...it has to be organized. :) Even though I love, really love this look, I tend to gravitate to primary colors.

Lauren V. Hunter said...

I'm thinking 'organized clutter' haha! :) I LOVE open shelves in the kitchen.. love love love it.. that's the stuff for my dream house!

Mario S. Henry said...

This photo looks excellent . Like it . Cut Out Image

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