bohemian baubles

The jewelry designs of Lenora Dame are eclectic, stunning and incredibly affordable. The perfect pieces for trying to break out of the just pearl earrings rut that I am in! I am especially fond of these fun and very colorful pieces from here bohemian collection:


Jackie said…
These are great! Love, love, love the earrings with the pink bows!
they are so gorgeous! the little blue drops are so pretty!
Courtney said…
So funny that you mention your pearls! I wear mine everyday and it takes a lot to get me to change out of them.

These are beautiful pieces. I love the gold earrings with the little pink bows and the teal and gold drops!
Anonymous said…
Love them, especially the teal earrings!
Anonymous said…
how pretty and unique! what a great collection-i love those teal earrings.
christina said…
I love those blue earrings. so pretty.
These pendants are looks gorgeous . I appreciate your post . Cut Out Image

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