twig tree {a second life}

Some of you may remember my willow branch Christmas "tree". Well one of the best parts about it is that that when I returned from a week away at Christmas there was no needles shed on the floor. The funny thing is that my twig tree was doing to exact opposite of shedding it way actually growing leaves!

I am finally taking the ornaments off today but think that I am going to keep the twigs around for a while, as it is so fun to see the leaves budding in the dead of winter!


Callie Grayson said…
Wow, how cool is that!
it would be great to post updates on the growth of your twigs! where did you get them? Do you know what type of tree they are from??
Blair Friedeman said…
I will definitely do that callie! They are willow branch twigs and i just cut them from the willow bushes down by the river.
it's a christmas miracle! ;) that's so great & cute too, i think seeing it again makes me think of it as a little "friend" if that doesn't sound too weird! agree with callie, def keep us posted! x
summer said…
how amazing! & beautiful!
I finally put all of my Christmas stuff away today. Finally I have my kitchen table back.
Courtney said…
Oh, I am such a sucker for twigs and branches! I used a ton in arrangements for my reception, and after the wedding, when all the flowers from the arrangements had died, I just kept the vases of twigs sitting around the house for ages! Yay that your twig "tree" is still hanging in there!!

P.S. Word verification is "soupho." I do love me some soup!
georgia b. said…
yay. i'm glad you are leaving them up. there too pretty to take down just yet. just don't tell me are going to decorate them for V. Day or Easter or anything like that. :)

somehow i don't think you would. they were perfect for Christmas ornaments. but i'm pretty sure you know where to draw the line. :)

i have some willow branches in my bathroom that i leave up year round. i had some ornaments on them for a while—just a couple. now they hold some earrings. it works out kind of nice—pretty and functional.
Clare M. Little said…
What a beautiful . Like this bride photo .

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