pops of pink

Ever since seeing Cameron Diaz in her amazing dress at the golden globes and since it has been crowned the color of the year over at Coco+Kelley, I have found a renewed love for pink. I do like the paler shades for interiors but when it comes to fashion I really like more saturated shades of pinks. At the moment, I don't think I am ready for a hot pink dress but am most certainly ready to add a pop of the color to my outfit with one of these colorful accessories:

(via marc jacobs, christian louboutin, alexander mcqueen, tory burch)

Also, THANK YOU to everyone for their wonderful suggestions on my search for structure. All of your thoughts were so incredibly helpful and I am glad that my randomness is not driving anyone crazy yet!


Miss | A said…
Anonymous said…
Oh these are fun. Thanks for waking me up. I agree I like the softer pinks in interiors.
Anonymous said…
Oh my, how I would love to own hot pink pumps like those! I love this color, great post :)
summer said…
I wish that I were brave enough to wear those amazing pink shoes.

p.s. i just read your post about structure searching-- i love your random format! I've been contemplating that very thing for my blog too.
Courtney said…
Yes, yes, yes and yes. OK, thank you I will take them all! I too fell for Cameron Diaz' dress from the Golden Globes! I've always been a pink-lover, but I haven't worn in much in the last couple years. I would love to add any of these items to my wardrobe! Such a fun and happy shade.
georgia b. said…
i don't wear this color enough. i agree with your take—adding it in subtly for that pop of color—with black perhaps? i think i'd be brave enough to try the shoes!
Anonymous said…
Another perfect round-up Blair! I THOUGHT those shoes were louboutin, and sure enough I checked the credits and they were! I love the fresh pink update on their classic patent pump.

of course I love anything louboutin, so that's not saying much!
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