heart warming

Yesterday when I woke up I was so excited because I was planning on going skiing and it was a beautifully sunny day. However, even though the sun was beaming through my windows I was quite discouraged when I saw all the doors had 2 inches of ice on bottom of them (on the inside!). The temperature when I woke up was -26 degrees. I didn't even know if could get that cold. Needless to say, I did not go skiing and could have very much used a hot water bottle with one these adorable covers to keep me warm.

I think we are finally in the single digits today!


Abbie said…
Your post sounds about like mine from yesterday. I was so excited to see the bluebird skies... until I walked out the door! There was no way I was skiing in those temps. I'm holding out for warmer weather!!
Courtney said…
Those are adorable! And -26 degrees... brrrrrr!I'm not sure I can even imagine (growing up in Ohio, sometimes it was cold, but never that cold!!)

Sorry your ski day was ruined, and I'm glad things are in the single digits at least :)
Anonymous said…
I hope I'm not inundating you with comments...I'm not sure if the last one went through!

Here's to hoping it gets warmer for you, or that you can curl up at home in front of the fire with about a dozen blankets ;)

Thank you for your sweet comment, I really appreciate it!
that's so cute! you should get a few and surround them around you on the sofa while watching tv or blogging! ;)
christina said…
You poor thing! It shouldn't get that cold...that's just wrong. I'm sending you my warmest thoughts and wishing I had one of those cute hot water bottles too.
cassandra said…
good lord! you're gonna need more than hot water bottles!! ;) those are so adorable - i could use a few myself!
Callie Grayson said…
sounds like the weather we were having here the weekend before christmas when it was 30 below with wind chill.
I teared so bad that they froze on my face! Had to stop in a tavern to get warm, after two drinks I was almost able to feel my toes!!

I just bought that same exact water bottle and I have to say, Love It! I have the red with white heart!
georgia b. said…
awww . . . bummer. although, i have to say, if it had been me, i would have been happy that the plans were foiled. i went skiing for the first time when i was 25, and i was on my butt more than i was on the skis. and needless to say, i was very sore the next day. i've never been since. :)

i know, i'm a wimp.

cutest little hot water bottles i've ever seen, by the way. :)

have a good night.
Blair Friedeman said…
Georgia, if you ever want to try again I would love to show you the lovely slopes of Wyoming:) You are no wimp by the way--skiing can be very scary and very hard!

Callie--so jealous that you have one!

Cassandra, I think you are right that I need more than a water bottle;)
Anonymous said…
LOVE those covers! And I can't say I envy your weather. two weeks in toronto was just enough winter for my tastes!

though I am one of those people who is cold all the time. i pretty much always hug a water bottle close to me when i'm around the house. sometimes i even use an apron to tie it to my tummy. once i was taking out the garbage and wearing the bottle, and my neighbour looked at me funny---i think he thought i was suddenly 6 months pregnant!

oh well, at least i was warm ;)
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