last minute gifts {from the kitchen}

(gingerbread caramel filled cones via Martha Stewart)
This holiday season when gifts may be a little more frugal than in the past there is no better way to show your appreciation of a friend or family member than with a gift from the kitchen without breaking the bank. Also, you can avoid all those lines!

Some peppermint marshmallows compliments of Martha Stewart will surely add some holiday flair to the recipients hot cocoa.

And a trio of pound cakes looks adorable in these cute paper boxes.

Even if you don't have time to spare with preparing goodies in your own kitchen even store bought sweets take on a new light when in ribbon adorned brown paper packages.

Or bottle your favorite savory or sweet topping in a simple glass container or mason jar finished off with some ribbon or yarn. You can find a delicious recipe for coconut Dulce de Leche here.

Even simple metal containers can look festive when lined with pretty paper and full of sugared cranberries.

Do you make any of your gifts in the kitchen?


paula said…
i would love to receive any one of these. we are making zucchini bread this year and putting them in the martha stewart gingerbread boxes. hope they turn out as pretty as these.
Anonymous said…
What a great post-I'm going to have to remember these ideas for next time! I usually do a lot of baking for friends and family around the holidays. I've actually spent most of today in the kitchen making several batches of fudge and chocolate chip pumpkin loaves. They both make perfect gifts!
these all look so great! I'm worried if i buy them, they'll all be gone by the time christmas comes ;) maybe if i buy them really close to christmas, but then there's always the risk of them being eaten while walking from shop to shop!
Brenda C. Smith said…
Creative gift idea . A lot of thanks for shared . Cut Out Image

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