Home Sweet Home

Ah, home sweet home. After a 3 hour delay we had a very quick and thankfully smooth flight to O'Hare. When I got home, it was very apparent that my mom knows me all to well, as my bedside table was stacked with shelter magazines that are definitely not found on the news stands of Wyoming. So nice to be in such a well decked home. I especially loved the pots my mom did by the front door!


your mom definitely did a fantastic job on the decoration, the home is so beautiful as well! i adore that little little tree & the little reindeer, so cute!
christina said…
Absolutely beautiful. I can see where you get your great taste!

And that reindeer is too cute! I must have one. I hope you have a fantastic time at home.
paula said…
so beautiful. your mom seems to love the details. that's fantastic.
Courtney said…
What a very sweet mom- shelter magazines waiting by your bedside!

The house looks beautiful! The front door is absolutely charming, the reindeer couldn't be cuter, and the tree is just perfect. Glad you made it home safely! xx
please sir said…
Looks amazing and I love the tree!
Kim J. Mosqueda said…
All are looking awesome . Thank you so much . Cut Out Image

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