snow angels

Well, we have only had one big snow in Jackson Hole this winter and it hardly feels like Christmas is around the corner without it! So, i was thinking maybe if I posted these images reminiscent of snow angels the snow will come (plus, they are just pretty to look at!).

(via blasius erlinger)

(via sarah gore reeves)

(via katya de grunwald)


Miss Aimee said…
i am seeing white everywhere these days and just loving it all. these outfits are sooo pretty! :)
christina said…
I swear you can read my mind! I was thinking about doing a snow angel post for tomorrow. :) But I like yours way better!
Courtney said…
Oh, I love your take on snow angels; they are just beautiful! And snow angels are just absolutely the best.
Callie Grayson said…
i love the bottom image.
Blair said…
They are the best! I just wish I had enough snow to make them:)
wow! love the black chuncky necklace against the white dress in the last pic. and the first pic? gorgeous!!!
Blair said…
Well i think this post worked--we are supposed to get a huge snow storm this weekend! Yea.
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Robert Smith said…
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