bogged down

Sorry for the light posting today. I am completely bogged down with work. Working in fundraising/marketing right now is definitely a little stressful with the current economic state of affairs! I think it would be a little less so if I had this work set-up:

(sadly, not sure where I got this from)
I just love the light and how incredibly serene and simple it is! What is your ideal work space?


this is so beautiful! i love the how calm it is created by minimal colour! although i'd probably mess it up in 10 mins! ;)
Blair Friedeman said…
Oh, me too Tina, me too!
Courtney said…
That is a beautiful work space! I always go back and forth about what I'd love most, but there is always some focus on white in my visions (whether as a main accent or as the main "color"...)
Callie Grayson said…
i love this work space!
Anonymous said…
this work space is absolutely gorgeous-i love the neatness and the way the floor matches everything. i think i would have to throw in some yellow accents or a bamboo desk plant.
georgia b. said…
you're such a sweetheart! thank you for the kind comments on my posts. it is a pleasure getting to know you more!

great office. somehow, i just don't think i could keep it that nice. i tend to get a little cluttered!

i hope the stress of your job lessens. especially for the holidays!

Blair Friedeman said…
Thank you for all the sweet comments--definitley made yesterday more bearable!
Sarah D. Forbes said…
Looks so lovely this picture . Like this photo . Cut Out Image

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