out sick..

I am feeling under the weather today and don't have creative juices of any sort flowing so I am going to take the day of from the blogging world. At the moment all I would like to do is curl up in the beautiful bedroom.

(via marie claire masion)
Hope you are all having a lovely day!


Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

ohhhh . . . feel better.

you still come up with lovely posts--even when you're sick. that room is sooo inviting--sick or not.

Tina said...

:( hope you feel better soon! rest well & drink lots of fluids...

that room is gorgeous, if you need anyone to bring you hot orange, i don't mind joining you! :)

Blair said...

Thank you very much Georgia and Tina! I think I am just having a bad reaction to the injection I had to have before a wrist MRI this morning:/

citysage said...

Rest up and feel better soon Blair!