and the countdown begins!

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And the official countdown to the 25th begins! I have not picked out an advent calendar yet but I am thinking about something very simple, like this one from blank page studio:
But, I really wish that I had the time and skills to make this festive cone advent calendar (find directions here):


these are gorgeous, creative and so pretty! wish i have the time (and the skill!) too
Anonymous said…
That cone calendar is just too cool. You're right---I wish I had the time and patience too!

I can't wait to have kidlets because I want to do the shopping to fill one of these bad boys...would it be so wrong if I did one for myself? Hmmm...I'd put in some chanel nail polish, a starbucks gift card, jewelry from my favourite etsy sellers...and I'd be sure to act surprised when I opened each one ;)
Blair Friedeman said…
I don't think it would wrong at all if you did it for yourself. Not a bad idea at all:) I was thinking about getting one from dogs-there are some pretty cute ones I found from etsy stores!
Courtney said…
Adorable advent calendars! I really like the simplicity of the second one, but the blackboard and cones are so cute too- I am not sure how I'd choose.

And, Anne, I'm with Blair- I think as long as you acted surprised, it's not a bad idea at all! ;)
Anonymous said…
I love these! Especially the last cone cute!!
editor said…
love the top one!
Mary B. Warren said…
Looking so nice these here guy . Thanks for shared . Cut Out Image

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