Soothing Grey

It is sleeting here in Jackson and the sky is a very foggy grey--quite depressing. However, it is amazing how a similar grey paint in room can actually be quite warm and soothing. I just love grey walls when paired with brighter bold colors such as hot pink, canary yellow and azure blue. The tricky part about grey is choosing the right shade-I especially like edgecomb grey and cliffside grey from Benjamin Moore. Just to prove my point--do anyone of these rooms come across as dreary?

(via coco+kelley)

(via Elle Decor)

(via Martha Stewart Living)

(via Traditional Home)


Anonymous said…
Mmm...grey is my all time favourite color. Every time I start thinking I might want to inject a little color into my home, I see photos like these and immediately change my mind! I even have a folder on my desktop labeled "serene grey interiors" that I just like to look at when I need a pick-me-up.

Great post!
Blair Friedeman said…
So glad you agree! Serene is the absolute perfect word for it.
Anonymous said…
I really like grey as a wall color too. Especially that image from Martha Stewart is so lovely, the pink flowers look so nice next to the grey walls.

You have a lovely blog! :)
Rose R. Wash said…
Beautiful decoration and professional photo captured . Cut Out Image
Clipping path said…
Nice design. I love it. Thanks

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