Little Monday Shimmer...

My quest continues for the perfect holiday outfit. I adore this sequined pencil skirt from Proenza Schouler! I love it with a simple black turtleneck, patent leather flats (I can't wear heels!) and these earrings from Banana Republic.

(flats from Burberry and turtleneck from Rick Owens)


Courtney said...

That skirt is all kinds of fabulous! I absolutely love your blog- so much goodness! I am certainly adding you to my reads!

Thanks for stopping by my blog too! Yay for being featured by Desire to Inspire :)

caramelpopcorn said...

That is the perfect outfit!!! It's so simple but so chic. I'm glad someone else out there isn't a fan of heels. Well, actually I can't wear heels b/c of a medical condition and I've always felt so left out and self-conscious (especially when people always tell me, "oh, that outfit would be better if you had a pair of killer stilettos" and I'd have to sigh and reluctantly tell them I can't even if I wanted to. I just discovered your blog and it's delightful!