forget the picture hooks

Latley almost every portfolio I admire is embracing a trend that I am very happy about-leaning photos, art and even mirrors. As I am horrible at hanging pictures (usually takes me at least three times to get it right!) I love that this trend saves walls from unnecessary holes and allows for easy rearraging of pieces. Also, a great choice for renters that don't want to patch up holes upon moving out. Best of all it doesn't just work for informal living spaces but quite formal ones too!

(via House Beautiful)

(via Habitually Chic)

(via Eileen Kathryn Boyd Interiors)

(via David Land)

(via Domino)

(via Alexandra Rowley)


evencleveland said…
I love doing this - it makes it so much easier to re-arrange things. Plus, it makes it easier to pretend I live in an artfully disheveled artist's studio:)
georgia b. said…
yes, save the walls!

i have been doing this whenever i can. it's just more interesting this way to me.

i love the second to last pic of the shelves with the pic framed art leaning up against it! could also serve a dual purpose of hiding less atrractive shelves on the bottom that contain less visually interesting items.

great ideas!
Anonymous said…
I really like this look too. Very classy!
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Robbin K. Ochoa said…
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Robert Smith said…
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